SPEEDING UP the digital transformation of the Country

3PITALIA SpA was founded by Linkem SpA and Easygov Solutions srl to support and to accelerate the digital transformation of the Country, helping the Public Administration to achieve the objectives of digitisation and maximization of public interest.

Our mission is aimed at creating ecosystems where capitals and solutions proposed by private and financial sector players are put at the service of the public administration by means of innovative private public partnership models. We are able to set up multi-year service concessions to Public Administration for the provision of digital services  to small and big municipalities and the development of new urban services able to exploit the enormous potential of 5G network. With IRS action, 3PITALIA want to five a significante contribution to the achievement of the goals and the challenges of the national digital agenda.

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3PItalia S.p.A.

via Comina 39 Seregno(MB), Italy

Vat Reg. No. 11024260967

PEC: direzione3pitalia@pec.it

Mail: info@3pitalia.it

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